Dear Shoppers,


     If you’re anything like me, then you love shopping at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. All three stores are wonderful and I’d gladly support them any day. As an “experienced shopper”, I would just like to give everybody a heads-up on what to buy and what to stray very far away from. **Remember, all of this is my personal opinion formed on the basis of my past experiences.**

Let’s start off with Forever 21! Forever has been one of my favorite places to shop since I can remember. Since I’ve shopped there so long, I’ve learned a lot about their pieces and which ones are hit or miss. We’ll take this from head to toe. Forever 21 sunglasses are fantastic because they are so inexpensive yet really durable and adorable. They are something I always have to go for when I’m there and I never regret purchasing them. In the past, the jewelry they offered broke easily, became discolored, and just wasn’t worth it. However, Forever has been stepping up their jewelry game and is now offering higher quality pieces. Generally, the tops they sell are great for me (size small), however, I do know that for larger sizes that’s not completely  true. The arm holes tend to be very small on their chiffon tops and the sleeves of their “long sleeve” button ups tend to be a tad short. As for what goes under your shirt, their bras are not exactly satisfactory. They offer little support and overall feel very cheap and are just not worth the buy. Their swim suit tops tend to run the same way as the bras. The skirts they sell are wonderful and they always fit me great. A lot of them seem to sell for around $15 which isn’t to bad for a cute clothing item that you’ll get a lot of use from. Their jeans are tricky sometimes. Depending on the style of denim you’re buying and whether or not you are buying in-store or online, you should really consider the details to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. Their line of shoes is something that I really truly support. They do a reasonably good job on keeping up with current trends and they offer many sizes. The shoes are pretty durable however the pleather ones tend to scuff very easily.

Everybody loves Urban Outfitters. Even though their prices are higher than other stores, they make up for it in quality and creativity. Also, Their sale room is incredible and I always find amazing deals in there! surprisingly enough, the sunglasses that I’ve purchased from there in the past were not all that durable for the price. The couple of pairs that I’ve owned have all broken(and not because I get crazy with them, it just happened).Their tops are for the most part pleasant however I would recommend going into the store to make sure the fit is right for you. UO dresses always fit amazing and run completely true to size. I’ve never been unhappy about a dress from this store. Jeans from this store are wonderful. The denim is so high quality and always fits me like a glove. I can’t rave about it enough! I have owned a few shoes from this store in the last couple years and what I’ve found is that their selection of boots is great however, their flat shoes aren’t sustainable. I’ve had both flats, mary janes, and jellies and they all look lovely but have gotten damaged which upsets me.

H&M is such a sophisticated yet  very cool store at the same time. Their hats are wonderful and they offer different sizes in them. They have a great selection of sunnies. Their jewelry is DURABLE. I have many jewelry pieces from H&M and they’ve never broken on me or have been marred in any way. Their swim suits are perfect. They have so many styles and they fit so well and accentuate your curves in a tasteful way. The swim tops are very supportive as well, which I think is an important factor. Some of their dresses and skirts have the tendency to shrink, and I’m not sure if it’s just the fabric, but its happened a couple of times. They have the best selection of pants. Their pants always fit me great and I’ve never been disappointed by them and will continue to purchase them forever. Even though they don’t have the widest shoe range, what they have is awesome. I really recommend purchasing shoes from this tore because they are cute and will last you a long time.

I hope you found this very informative and you enjoyed it as well. I enjoy writing posts for you all so please give me some suggestions of what you want to see next!


Natalie Rose      xoxo

Wanna check them out for yourself?!

Forever 21:

Urban Outfitters:


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