A New Take on Spring Nails!


Hello lovelies,

It’s the second day of spring, which means its time to change up our nails! But this year I’m straying away from the obvious pinks and oranges and going a little darker. My three go-to nail colors this year are Runaway by Urban Outfitters (silver), Lacey Lilac (light purple) by Sally Hansen, and Endless Blue by Sinful Colors (deep blue). These colors are great for putting an edgy twist on spring nails and they’re all inexpensive which is a wonderful bonus. I’d like to give you guys some details and commentary on each nail color. I didn’t include links due to internet issues but I’ll name the locations where the products are available! enjoy!(:

Runaway (silver) is great because metallic colors are a huge spring staple. This will add a sheen to any outfit and make it more unique and edgy. This color is super cool and goes with practically everything. It’s honestly my favorite nail color and i would recommend it to anyone I know!

Lacey Lilac (purple) is the most floral color out of the three, but it still gives off an edgy vibe because its has grey-ish tones in it as well. This color looks great on fingers and toes. It’s very classy yet spunky at the same time. I personally think this particular shade would look amazing on almond-shaped nails to add a sharpness to your look.

Endless Blue is so vibrant and interesting. It has one of the most unique finishes that I’ve ever seen on nail polish. It looks almost like plastic in a really cool way. It is a primary blue that reminds me of spring nights. It really gives a POP! to any outfit. I do want to throw in a disclaimer for this particular brand because the actual smell of this nail polish, while wet, is not normal, not terrible, but different from normal nail polish. It probably has something to do with the ingredients that produce the unique finish, but thankfully the smell disappears when dry.

I hope you all enjoyed this little review on my favorite spring nail polishes! If you end up trying these out let me know if you liked them as much as I do. Also, if anyone has any post suggestions then hit me up in the comments and let me know what you want to see! I hope you all have a wonderful spring and thanks for reading!


Natalie Rose            xoxo

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Product Locations!


Urban outfitters or urbanoutfitters.com

Lacey Lilac:

Target or target.com

Endless Blue:

Target or target.com

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