Forever 21 + H&M Essentials Haul


Dear Fashionistas,

         We all know that basics are the backbone of any girl’s closet. They’re essential for style, especially minimalism! So yesterday afternoon, I took a little trip to Forever 21 and H&M with only 40 dollars in my pocket! I was looking for great pieces for great prices; and that’s exactly what I found! I’ll link everything below, but let’s get to the haulin’!(:

        The first piece I picked up are skinny highwaist ankle jeans from H&M. These are a classic dark blue wash but they did offer a couple different washes if you’re interested! I got mine in a size 25 and they fit me so perfectly! They hug my waist and curves perfectly and the dark wash is very slimming as well. The overall quality of this denim is awesome. I might even go as far to say its better than Urban Outfitter’s BDG jeans. The best part of these jeans for me are the fact that they were only about 10 dollars! I would seriously recommend that everyone should buy these jeans!

       The second piece I selected was an off-white muscle tee from Forever 21. I was really in need of a basic muscle tee that I could just throw on but still feel put together. The fabric is a super soft cotton which is lovely. I bought mine in a size large because that was the only size left and I couldn’t leave without it. However, I am actually really happy with the fit of this top because it’s really flowy and falls nicely on my body. This piece is also a great canvas for layering and styling! I believe this top was around 7 dollars but I’ll link it down below to be sure!

       I also picked up a necklace from F21! I don’t even know how long I’ve been looking for a coin necklace that suited my personality. I think this one is perfect for me because it has a more ethnic feel which I appreciate. This is a great statement necklace that I think could be very versatile in my wardrobe. I love the fact that its silver because that seems to suit my skin tone better than gold jewelry. This costed around 9 dollars which is pretty decent for a larger necklace. I really love this necklace so I’m going to try to take care of it. I am a chronic necklace breaker so this could be a challenge.

        The fourth thing I picked up is a bralette from Forever. I love bralettes because they are a much prettier alternative to bandeaus. Forever 21’s sizing for their bralettes is on point compared to their actual bras which are lack luster to say the least. I got this one because the stripe detailing is basic yet adds a little flare at the same time. You can’t see in the picture but is also has little cut-outs on the side that add a little sexy detail without being over the top. I would definitely wear this underneath the muscle tee that i picked up for an easy-going yet stylish look. This was about 7 dollars I think.(:

       The fifth and final piece I picked up is just a basic cami from Forever 21. It cost 2 dollars which is awesome! I got mine in a size xs and it fits me great! I hugs my body perfectly and I’m very happy with it. I also like that it has a little bit of a v-neck. Everyone needs a cami for either layering or just to wear alone on super hot days. We have a lot of those in So Cal so I’ll be wearing this a ton this spring/summer!

      I’ve never done a haul post on here so let me know what you guys think in the comments! I hope this was cool and you all enjoyed it. (: Thankyou for reading and if you have any post suggestions I’m all ears!


                Natalie Rose       xoxo

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