My Favorite Youtubers


Dear Internet addicts,

If you’re anything like me, you love watching YouTube videos. YouTube is such an amazing platform for people to express themselves. It gives an opportunity to have a fun and creative life and share it with the world. There are many YouTube channels that I watch and keep updated on consistently and I’d like to share some of them with you! These are all lovely people and I highly recommend watching their videos and subscribing to their channels!**DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these photos.** I’ll be linking everyone’s channels at the bottom!(:

These are in order from left to right in the picture above(:

Everybody knows Zoella/ Zoe Sugg. She’s a cute, silly, and wonderful YouTuber in Brighton, London. She has a beauty, fashion, and home-wear channel and a vlog channel called MoreZoella. She is just very personable and relatable which is something I think a lot of her viewers appreciate about her. She has a good sense of style and is talented with a makeup brush! She is one of my favorite beauty gurus and anyone interested in her should definetly check her out!

Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog is actually linked to Zoella because they are dating and living together. Alfie has three channels: PointlessBlog, PointlessBlogTV, and Alfiegames. I personally watch his vlog channel over his other ones because for some reason his life is just really interesting to me. I love seeing his and Zoe’s Pug, Nala. She’s so cute and pugs are my favorite! Overall, he just seems like a really nice guy and I admire his and Zoe’s relationship. So go see what he’s all about!

Arden Rose is so funny. Her sense of humor and her genuine persona really brighten my day. She takes beauty videos to another level by being her funny self. I really enjoy how open and okay she is with herself and her personality. She’s very admirable and her story really inspires me. She’s great and you should subscribe to her. You won’t regret it!

I think a lot of people will recognize CutiePieMarzia as PewdiePie’s girlfriend. She has her own channel which is so lovely and adorable. I love her style because it is so unique and japaneese inspired! She’s actually a very interesting person, as far as I can tell via internet. She also makes short cutesy horror series on her channel which are actually really good and entertaining. I know a lot of people don’t like her accent but I actually love it and think its part of what makes her so cute and cool. She also has new fashion line out which I think is super awesome. So I will be linking her channel below!

Evelina. She’s Russian. She’s beautiful. And she’s a phenomenal YouTuber. She is based here in LA. I actually learned about her through Watchusliveandstuff which is now called Kalel Kitten which happens to be her bestfriend. Evelina has an amazing sporty-chic yet girly sense of style. She has her own jewelry line out. And her story is great as well. She really inspires me and I want to be like her someday. I’m totally fangirling over her, but I mean, who wouldn’t?

Sunbeamsjess is actually the first YouTuber I actually watched consistently. She puts out amazing fashion and beauty videos all the time. She really has the best sense of style. She’s truly a fashion icon. She really has an interesting life which can be seen when she chooses to post on her vlog channel extrasunbeamsjess. Lately she has been featured on UOEurope’s instagram which is really awesome for her. She’s seriously one of the best YouTubers out there!

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing who my YouTue Fav’s are! Let me know who yours are in the comments! Thanks for reading!(:

**Also….should I start a YouTube channel of my own?!**


Natalie Rose         xoxo








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