Dear Red Lip Beauties,


Everyone love’s a classic red lip. Its hot yet classy at the same time. So I’d like to share with you my two favorite red lip sticks. One is high-end and the other is drugstore. They are exact dupes! I hope you enjoy this little beauty bit and I’ll link them both below!(:

I’ll start off with the higher end lipstick. It is the Yves Saint Laurent Rogue Pur Couture 1 Le Rouge. This costs $36 which is a lot for a lipstick. However, I think it is really worth it because of the vibrancy of the color and its long lasting qualities. It is a high-sheen lipstick, which Isn’t everyone’s favorite but I find it wonderful and refreshing! I think it is a perfect shade for year-round wear and it is very easy to apply as well. The packaging on this product is  so beautiful! It is gold with the red YSL logo. It would be a great product to add to any lip stick junkie’s collection!

The drugstore dupe for the YSL lip stick is the Rimmel Moisture Renew 900 Red Alert. This lipstick is only $5! That’s much more reasonable price as compared to the higher end option. It is a direct dupe with the same color payoff and high-sheen. It doesn’t last quite as long however, reapplication isn’t really a big deal considering the price. It is also SPF 18 which is awesome because your lips won’t get damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. I would really recommend purchasing this product if you’re on a budget but want to add a pop of color into your makeup routine!

Thanks for reading beauties! Please scroll down to the bottom of my page to check out my links and ads! It would mean a lot to me. And comment down below if you have any suggestions or questions for me!


Natalie Rose         xoxo

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