Your Lips, but BETTER


     Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having a lovely spring. To me, spring is all about looking  fresh; and what better way to do that than with a nude/pink lip! I’ve gathered together 7 of my favorite nude/pink lip products and I’d like to share them with you! These range from drugstore to high-end so I’m sure there will be something for everybody’s budget. I’ll be linking all the products down below. Enjoy!(:

In order from top to bottom:

     The first spring-ready lip shade is Liar by Urban Decay. It is a nude/mauve color that is highly pigmented. it has a semi-glossy finish so it’s not to flashy. I think this particular shade would compliment all skin tones which is a plus because that means anybody can wear it! I love Urban Decay’s products and this lipstick is no exception! This is a wonderful everyday shade that I really recommend.

     The second shade is a long-time drugstore favorite. Its Rimmel 14 by Kate Moss. This is a super creamy nude lipstick. It is insanely easy to apply! It smells wonderful, which might be a weird thing to say, but I really appreciate when lip products are scented. I think out of all of these lipsticks this is the most highly regarded for me. It’s an everyday staple and looks great on everyone. The packaging for this is also lovely. It’s all black with Kate Moss’s signature in red with a heart. I really love this lipstick with all my heart. This product can be found at your local target or by clicking the Target ad at the bottom of my page! I will also be linking it below along with the other products.

      The third product is by MAKEUP FOREVER. It is a liner and its in the shade 03C Medium Natural Beige. Its waterproof which is great.  This liner is easy to apply however I find myself sharpening it a lot. its great to wear alone for a matte lip look or under a nude/pink lipstick for some major lip definition. I’m quite a big fan of this so you should definitely check this out either online or the next time you’re in Sephora!

     If you’re looking for a great mauve lipstick, look no further. The fourth lip product is a highly pigmented cream lipstick by Lorac. It’s in the shade Duchess. This is a go-to lip product for me; especially when I’m looking to add a subtle pop to a causal makeup look. It’s perfect for day or night so you won’t have to worry about switching up your lip products which we all know is really annoying and  possibly messy. This lipstick has the best smell of all. It smells like vanilla cake and sprinkles! It’s seriously all around lovely and I would recommend it to anyone I know.

      The next, and fifth product is a lip gloss! It is also by Lorac. It is the color Rose Lustre. It is a light pink with golden sparkles in it. One of the big reasons I enjoy this product is because of its applicator. It doesn’t have a classic doe-foot applicator but instead sports a miniscule brush for precise application. This looks good alone as well with other products. I think it look really nice with all of the lipsticks mentioned in this post. Sometimes its nice to add a little sparkle to your look!

       The next lip shade was gifted to me by my boyfriend’s mom. She’s so lovely and I’m very thankful for this product. It’s a lip gloss by Sephora. Usually I’m not particularly drawn to Sephora brand products, however, this one is an exception! It’s in the shade  43 “beige craze shiny”. The formulation of this product is great. It’s not sticky and it’s not too shiny either. It’s the perfect amount of sheen while still remaining subtle enough for the day time.

      The last shade is the brightest of this selection however because it’s a light pink I still feel that it fits into this grouping. Its the Stila stay all day vinyl lip gloss. Its in the color nude. It’s a lot thicker of a formulation than the other lip glosses above however the color payoff triumphs over them. It is a little more sticky but not obnoxiously anyway. I really like Stila products and look forward to trying out more of their collection!

     I hope this post gave you some good suggestions for lip products to check out this spring season! I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer and any post suggestions anyone has! Every view I get means a lot to me so thank you for reading!


            Natalie Rose            xoxo


Urban Decay:


Makeup Forever:

Lorac Lipstick:

Lorac Lip gloss:




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