6 Must Listen Songs


Last night on Alt 98.7 fm radio, they were playing great song after great song. It was amazing! I seriously shazamed about ten songs in a row. I’d just like to share these with you. I believe they are all relatively new songs and I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as I do(depending on your taste in music). I hope you enjoy this post and I’ll leave links to each artist/band down below!

The first song I’ll talk about is Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day. This was by far my favorite song I heard last night. It just created the best vibes you can think of. Her voice gives off a very Lana Del Rey’esque sound but higher toned and different in a good way(not bashing Lana, just comparing). She’s actually really beautiful and has more songs that I am dying to check out and download! I’ll leave the link to her vevo channel on YouTube down at the bottom along with all of the other artists as well.

The second song I loved last night was The Wolf by Mumford and Sons. I’m so excited about their new album. Its so interesting how much they’ve changed their sound. Its sounds really amazing and more rock sounding than folk. It just goes to show how talented they are as a band that they can transition genres and still be successful and loved by their fans. They are for sure a band that I would love to see in concert some day. If you haven’t heard any of their new songs you have to check them out!

First by the Cold War Kids is the third song that i Shazamed last night. This song has been out for a little while now and every time it comes on I fall in love over again. Its really great, honestly. I enjoy the beat of it a lot as well. I love the singer’s voice. Its so unique and it just makes you want to sing along. I really enjoy the lyrics as well. It is a really well constructed song overall.

The fourth song is called Black Cherry Pie by Jeff the Brotherhood. I’ve never heard of this song or this band ever! And I’m so glad I came across them. The instrumentals in this song are crazy unique. You really have to listen to the song to understand. I highly recommend this one. I think you might have to have an acquired taste for this one. But I really enjoyed it. It was super fun to listen to!

The fifth song that I came across while listening was Moaning Lisa Smile by Wolf Alice. First of all can we just give the band props for the name of the song. Its truly fantastic. I really liked this song a lot. And I know I’m saying that about each of these songs but really this one was awesome. It gave off a darker feel so its really cool to me. I enjoy more punk-alternative music. It just pumps me up. Comment below if you feel the same!

The last song is Contagious by Night Riots. I love the name of the band. I haven’t heard of them before so it was really awesome to make a music discovery such as this. The beat and instrumentals for this song are super cool. They feel super futuristic. The lyrics are great which is a big plus because most songs just leave it at the good beats and rely on that. I would suggest this song to you guys!

I’ve never made a post on this topic before so It’d be really great if you all gave me some feed back. Tell me what your favorite songs are at the moment in the comments! Thankyou all sooo much!


            Natalie Rose       xoxo


Zella Day:

Mumford and Sons:

Cold War Kids:

Jeff The Brotherhood:

Wolf Alice:

Night Riots:

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