Should I Make YouTube Videos?


Hello beauties!

   Welcome back to my blog. All the encouragement and support over the last few months has meant so much to me. Its given me a confidence and reassurance about doing this and I want to expand and create as much as possible! I would like to know if you think I should make YouTube videos?! It’s really a big dream of mine and I want to know if that would be something that people would enjoy.

    I have a lot of great ideas I just have very little means to start it up. I have my iphone and my laptop and that’s about it. I’m going to need a lot more than that to have this be good quality for you guys and to succeed. In order to get the money for this I’ve been posting up some of my brand new or in great condition clothing on my third instagram account called @natscloset3 . I’m selling everything cheaper than the price I originally purchased it for so there’s tons of great deals up there and I will be adding more soon! It would mean so much to me if you guys would check out my instacloset and hit me up in the comments if you’re interested in buying. From there I will follow and DM you and further instructions will be laid out then for you. All proceeds will go towards the equipment and makings of the YouTube videos. So if you really want me to make some vids, then make some bids.

   I’m sorry this isn’t exactly a fashion or beauty post, however it will lead somewhere great if we all work together. Thankyou again to everyone who has supported me on wordpress, instagram, and twitter. It means so much, you have no idea. Also, go check out my ads for Target and Choies at the bottom of my page. There are great deals going on there!


love you all so much,

               Natalie Rose     xoxo


instagram: @natscloset3    @lovenatalieroseblog    @lovenatalierose

twitter: @natthecatrose      @lovenatalierose

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