iPhone 5s and Speck Case Review

2015-06-10 11.41.12

Hey Beauties,

     I’m going to be doing something a little different today. I am going to be doing an iPhone 5s review and also a Speck case review. I hope you all enjoy this post. I know everyone isn’t a fan of apple products but I am. So i’m just going to share my thoughts on these products with you!

First of all, I love my iphone 5s. I know I’m kind of late and I don’t even have the 6. But who cares, I’m still in love. There are two things that make me love this phone:

-Camera Quality & Features

– 32gb

 The camera quality is unreal. Before i had the 5c and yes the quality was good but it lacked the vibrancy and crispness of the 5s. The 5s also has features where you can adjust the brightness while taking photos and also offers slow-mo, time-lapse, and panorama.

Yes, I know you can have more GB’s than 32 but that’s a big jump for me considering that I only had 8 previously. I love having the extra storage for all of my social media’s, photos, games, and other random apps that I’ve deemed necessary for my life (even though they most likely are not).

I also love the size of the 5s as compared to the 6 and the 6 plus. Its much easier for me to text and just navigate overall. My hands aren’t the biggest so I think the size of this phone suits me quite well.

The Speck Case:

I am a chronic phone dropper. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. But if there is a phone in my vicinity I will drop it, probably twice. So I needed a sturdy case that is going to keep my new phone safe and sound. I wanted something cute yet hardcore durable at the same time. So I went to Target and picked up the Speck case with the “Candyshell and Faceplacte” and “all over protection”. I picked mine up in a light turquoise and grey color because not only do I love those colors but they fit my Space Grey Iphone 5s very nicely. I will tell you, I have only had this phone for a week and I have already dropped it twice. It has survived as you can see from the picture. This case is a miracle worker! I would highly reccommend it to clumsy people like me.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was something different but I hoped it was cool and I could review more tech stuff if you want! Let me know if you’re an apple lover like me in the comments, and I’ll see you guys soon!


        Natalie Rose      xoxo




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