OG Naked Palette Review

2015-06-04 18.34.28

Dear Readers,

        I am back with new things to share and better camera quality! So let’s kick off this blogging spree I’m about to go on with an OG Naked palette review! I have finally completed my Naked Palette Trio with my purchase of the first ever Naked palette created by Urban Decay. (links will be below like always)

I am so pleasantly surprised by this palette, you have no idea! The neutral colors are perfect for summer and go incredibly well with my green eyes! I love each and every one of these eye shadows however I do have a top 5 that I’d like to share with you all.

In order from Left to Right:





-Half Baked

Virgin is such a beautiful shimmery cream color! I love using it as a highlight under my brows and in the inner tear ducts of my eyes for a glowing brightness overall. I love Sin because it is  a champagne shimmer that is really easy for summer while still looking like you tried! I usually use it on my lid for some extra sparkle or on its own as well. Naked is a really nice shade for blending into your crease. It creates a good base for a very neutral smoky eye which I am all about! Buck is yet another blending shade that works wonders for a smoky eye. Buck could be used for a more dramatic eye as it is a couple shades darker than Naked. My over all favorite is Half Baked. It is literally the perfect gold shimmer shadow! I like to use my finger to apply it on my lid because it packs on the most product! It look really good with Buck blended into the crease with Virgin in the highlight areas.

The Brush:

As we all know, Naked palettes come with dual ended brushes. However, out of all three palettes, the brush for this one is my over all favorite. The smaller end works really great and actually picks up a nice amount of product. The blending side is the reason I love this brush so much. The bristles are so very compacted but very soft and easy to navigate at the same time.

The Packaging:

The packaging of this palette is lovely. It is a dark brown suede with the Naked logo in gold. It has a very elegant feel and I am a big fan of it!

Overall, I am in love with this palette and I hope you enjoyed reading my review. If any of you have this palette please let me know what your favorite shades are and why you love them in the comments! Thank you all so much, and I am so glad to be back!


            Natalie Rose       xoxo



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