Summertime Essentials


Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing with you three of MY summer essentials! They consist of both skin and hair products. So let’s get started!

From left to right:

-Not Your Mothers Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray

-Jergens Natural Glow no-sun self tanner

-Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

The Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray is very similar to the Bumble & Bumble one. However, it works way better! I have naturally straight hair and I can SEE the difference when I use this product in my hair. This spray creates tussled waves that look extremely beachy and bouncy and leave your hair with a fresh ocean scent. I highly recommend using this product on those extra hot days when  you feel like your hair is weighing you down and sticking to your neck. This product’s spritz is so cool and refreshing that not only will it relieve you from the heat, but it’ll make your hair look effortlessly fabulous as well! This product is a 9/10 for me.

The Jergen’s Natural Glow self tanning lotions have been out forever. The older version of this had a very unpleasant scent which was a major turn off for at home tanners. However, Jergen’s has reinvented this product and it now has a lovely smell! Also, not only does this product smell great, but it works great too! I am very pale so any tan I get will be noticeable to me however this has gone beyond noticeable. My skin is proof that it works! I would highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to get their tan on this summer. I recommend self tanners or faux tans in general because the rays from the sun are extremely damaging to your skin and will increase the rate at which it ages. Also, this product is not just for super pale girls. The product comes in two ranges: Light to Medium or Medium to Dark. There’s something for everybody! I would give this a 10/10.

The Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser was something I wanted to try for a long time. Not specifically the Biore one, just a charcoal cleanser in general. Activated Charcoal is famous for cleaning your pores from black heads and dirt that ruin everything. I think this is a perfect product for summer because in the summertime we don’t really wear as much makeup and really want to give our skin a chance to redeem itself after the long hard winter. This product may not be for everyone. It does bring all of your impurities to the surface which is necessary to clean out your pores which is something that scares people away. But once the dirt is out of your pores, your skin will be glowing, vibrant, and healthy which is everything you want it to be for summer! This product really works and you can feel it do so. I use it as a daily cleanser in order to speed up the process of clearing out the bad junk. I really love this and i’m not just saying that. If anyone suffers greatly from blackheads, this product IS for you! I give this a 10/10.

I hope you all enjoyed my Summer Essentials haul/review. I truly love these products and if anyone else is with me on that then let me know in the comments! Also let me know what your summertime essentials are! Thank you all so much for reading. I am ever grateful for anyone that does. I love you all so much!


        Natalie Rose                  xoxo

Where do I get my hands on these?!?!

All products are available in Target Locations



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