All Natural Miracle Workers


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day so far. If you are acne prone, have redness, or clogged pores, this post will help you out immensely! Earlier today I went on a scavenge for drugstore skin care products that REALLY work. I came across this row of funky little mask packets that were individually being sold for $1.27 each. My first impressions was, “Wow if this so cheap, can it really get the job done?” The brand is called “que bella bath & beauty“. They have a lovely mask range in Target stores. I chose this one in particular because of its two main ingredients which are: tea tree oil and witch hazel.

Tea Tree Oil:

It is pulled from the leaves of plants in Australia. Its very beneficial in the world of beauty because of its acne clearing abilities. It also takes away redness as well.

Witch Hazel:

It comes from a a shrub with fragrant yellow flowers. And is made into an astringent lotion made from the bark and leaves of this plant. The benefits of witch hazel are its abilities to battle acne and win, it reduces the appearance of puffy eyes, removes visibility of varicose veins, it refreshes and replenishes the skin, and holds in moisture.

The fact that this brand brought in both these ingredients into this one mud mask is amazing. Since using the mask my face looks and feel so much better. No, I am not sponsored, and being paid to say that. It really works! I would recommend this mask in particular to anyone with acne prone skin. I am so excited to see what the rest of the masks from this brand have to offer! Also, I’m glad I could share with you all the benefits of these ingredients because I know they will change your skin’s life!

I’d just like to thank ALL of you lovelies for taking a look at my blog and I hope you come back soon! Make sure to follow me on all of my social medias. My twitter, Instagram, Depop, Weheartit, etc. is @lovenatalierose and make sure to follow me on blog lovin! Just search my url and you’ll find me!(:

Once again thank you!


                                   Natalie Rose           xoxo

Links & Locations:

available in Target Locations

the actual product

the company’s website

to see all their products:

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