Switch it Up for Summer: Foundation to BB Cream


Hello my lovelies!

I hope you are all having an amazing summer so far! Today I want to talk about a certain change I’ve decided to make in my daily makeup routine. I’ve chosen to make the switch from using a liquid foundation to using a bb cream. I’ve put this post off for a while so that I could get thorough results as to why this is a good switch to make. 

The process of the switch wasn’t the easiest because I am a person who has always demanded full coverage liquid foundation. I was scared for anyone to see even one flaw on my face. When in fact, by caking on liquid foundation every single day, I was creating more and more of them. And now that it’s mid-summer, bare, glowing, natural-looking skin is the way to go. This scared me because having acne made me iffy about baring what was hiding under my liquid foundation. So I started a new skin care regimen to rid my face of any flaws or impurities (read my last post to see which skin care products I have used). That was the first step. 

For the next step I dove right in. I decided to wear BB cream alone. But I was unhappy with the results. Then I decided to mix a little bit of the BB cream shown in the picture with the Fitme Foundation by Maybelline. I really enjoyed this step because I felt like I had great coverage to hide my acne yet I didn’t feel like I was wearing a mask. 

However, that was not the goal I  was trying to reach. I needed to apply only BB cream to my face to achieve it. So again, I continued taking great care of my skin by cleaning, exfoliating, and purifying. And I applied only BB cream to my face. Then I had reached my goal!

This took me about a week and a half to experiment and really test out the possibilities of which face makeup I could use and which Is better for my skin. 

I am going to continue on with BB cream as a part of my daily makeup routine. (:

 I have made this decision for a few reasons:

-BB Cream is much more lightweight than liquid foundation.

-Easier to Apply ((less precision))

-More Skin Benefits

-Less time consuming 

-encourages me to keep up with my skin care routine

The BB cream I have switched to is the Rimmel London BB Cream in the Radiance Finish. I love this product so much. It has really softened my skin and brought out a natural glow that I didn’t have before with my liquid foundation. I will keep on repurchasing this product. And if you’re curious about trying out a BB cream I definitely feel that this would be a good one to start off with! This would also be a good product for younger girls who are just starting out with makeup and are playing around with different styles of face makeup so that they don’t damage their skin so early with liquid foundations. 

**disclaimer** I don’t have anything against people who wear liquid foundation so please don’t take this post that way. I am simply trying to show my experiences by switching to a BB Cream and the benefits that have come from doing so.  

I want to thank you all sooo much for reading this post and I promise I will not be gone as long as I recently have been. I love you and thank you for the support. Have a wonderful day!


            Natalie Rose          Xoxo

Where can I get this product?!

You can purchase this in Target Stores or at Target’s online website and search the title of the product! 


5 thoughts on “Switch it Up for Summer: Foundation to BB Cream

  1. Great post! I’ve been debating on whether or not to take the plunge and switch to a BB cream for summer instead of my usual foundation, but I think your post might have just persuaded me! Would you say that this BB cream has a dewy or matt finish? X

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