July Favorites 

Dear Beauties,

Now that July has come to a close, it is time for me to share my favorite products of the month with you! I only had a few because I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to changing up my beauty routines. But some is better than none so here we go!

From left to right: 

-Secret Scent Expressions Deoderant in the scent Cocoa Butter Kiss

-Coconut Oil

-Naked Palette 

-Benefit Lipstick in the shade: Rumor

I love all of these products for many reasons but the main one is that they all make my life easier. 

  I love the Secret Deoderant because not only does it lock in the sweat for hours but it smells insanely good. It’s actually the first deoderant I ever used when I was ten and now I’ve come back to it after trying tons of others that don’t seem to do the job. I also enjoy this because it is an invisible solid. I am not a fan of the gel or spray deodorants. They kind of gross me out and don’t seem to work as well. I would highly recommend this deoderant if you’re in the market for a new one and love delicious scents. It also comes in other scents as well but this is my personal favorite.

  Coconut oil is something I’d never expect to enjoy. But it is such a versatile product and organic as well so I really love it. It’s has many uses: such as 

-face/body moisturizer 

-shaving your legs 

-bringing life back into damaged hair

-you can cook with it!

All around I am really enjoying using this product and experimenting with its different uses. It’s very healthy and I would definitely recommend it!

  I have already done a product review of the Naked palette before on my blog so scroll to see that. However, the shades that I’ve been loving are Virgin(highlight color), naked(light crease shade), smog(bronze shimmer), and gunmetal(medium grey shimmer). Tell me what are your favorite shades!

  And lastly, is the lipstick by Benefit Cosmetics in the shade Rumor. It is a really beautiful pinky-mauve shade with light pink and gold shimmers in it. It is great for casual makeup days when you want sparkle but not too much. I have been wearing it a ton this month!

That’s it! Those are my July favorites. I hope you all enjoyed reading about the things I’ve been loving and I hope that maybe you can love them too! 

If you have any post suggestions for me I’d be glad to take you up on them!

Thankyou so much beauties and I hope you have s wonderful day!

Natalie Rose          Xoxo


Coconut oil: 




Naked palette: 


Benefit Rumor:


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