Favorite Red Lippies

Hello my lovelies! Today it’s all about the red lip! I’m going to be sharing seven of my favorite red lip shades with you along with their swatches so you can get a better look. These products range from high end to drugstore so there is something for everybody’s wallet! Red lips are a classic statement and I think every girl should own at least one red lipstick! Let’s get started!

From right to left:

I love this lip shade because it’s a rusty red and also a gloss. I’ve never seen anything like it and I find it wear wonderfully with most makeup looks! I was surprised with the quality of it because it is the Sephora brand but this just goes to show that brand names don’t mean anything when it comes to quality and color payoff.

I have talked about this liquid lipstick before on my blog but I had to bring it up again. It’s so beautiful and bright and perfectly matte. Also it’s staying power is amazing. It lasts for hours! This is truly my favorite red matte lip shade ever. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a budget for it. This also looks beautiful in photographs as well.

This is my first hourglass lip product and I find it very unique. It has a doe foot applicator and comes off rather glossy. However it’s not too glossy or over the top. It’s great for a very understated and casual red lip. This would be a good buy for anyone who wants a red lip look but is more into wearing glosses.

I’ve also talked about this beauty on my blog before, but I thought it only necessary to bring it back for this post honoring red lip products. This is an ultra matte lip crayon by NARS. It’s surprisingly not drying at all and the color is very unique as well. The staying power is also quite good for this product as well! I really adore this shade and I think it will be really great going into fall.

This is a lovely and vibrant drugstore lipstick by Maybelline. It is so creamy and easy to apply. Anyone could wear this lipstick. It is a high sheen lipstick which is more dramatic but who’s doesn’t like being more daring from time to time?! This is a great lipstick for a great price. This is a great product for someone who is just starting out in the makeup scene.

Red Alert is a classic red lipstick in the drugstore scene. It’s by Rimmel and its part or their moisture renew collection which is widely appreciated! This I such a creamy and shiny lip shade and so easy to apply as well. It’s a bit darker than Red Revolution by Maybelline so I feel that makes it more wearable. It’s all around a lovely product and I use it in place of higher end red lipsticks all the time. I really do enjoy using this lipstick and I think you will as well.

This is the last lipstick of the bunch; And it’s from Urban Decay of course!  Urban Decay’s lipsticks are so vibrant yet slightly sheer at the same time! It’s kind of mind blowing how lovely this lipstick is. It’s not sticky like a gloss or drying like a matte liquid lipstick. It’s right in the middle with the perfect creamy consistency and just applies and wears beautifully. It’s a true red with more blue tones rather than orangey ones which is great because it’ll make your teeth look whiter when wearing it! ((Blue tones make teeth look whiter while orangey tones make them look more yellow.))

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading about my favorite red lippies! Tell me in the comments what your favorite red lip product is! I’m dying to know! 

Thank you all so much for the support and for reading! 


     Natalie Rose         Xoxo

4 thoughts on “Favorite Red Lippies

  1. beautiful post!! i think my favorite of these is the rimmel – it has slightly orange undertones which i love šŸ™‚ my favorite red lipstick of all time is the nars dragon girl crayon ā¤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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