Sweet Dreams

Hello Everybody!

Today’s post is about sleep or lack there of it. I am definetly a night owl. I am even writing this post at 3:30 am. I know, it’s kind of really awful and I am missing out the great things that slumber brings. But that is exactly what has inspired me to make this post! I’ve come up with 4 things to do & 3 things not to do to ensure a great night’s rest. So let’s get started!

What To Do:

  1. Use an app.


You may be thinking, “How in the world is an app going to make me fall asleep?” This app is specially designed to do exactly that. It is also great for mediation if you’re into that. There’s quite the selection of nature sounds to choose from and they are all very soothing. They have twenty-three different options so there will definitely be one for you. I recommend choosing the most calming sound which is all based on your personal preference of course. The sound that puts me to sleep every time is “Sunset Beach”, which is the sound of ocean waves crashing onto the shoreline. I am very sure that this app could help a ton of people! Also, it’s FREE in the app store!

2.Pillow Sleep Spray?!

It sounds strange, I am aware of that. But this type of product works like magic. You just spritz the spray above your pillows and your blanket if you want and the soothing aromas send you off into a blissful sleep. I unfortunately lost mine which is very upsetting. So I am in the market for a new one. Many companies sell them in a lavender fragrance because that causes a very deep and comfortable rest for the user. Some links to different sleep sprays for you to checkout will be at the bottom of the post!

3.Tense & Release

Something I have always done to help my body relax, especially when feeling particularly restless, is tense up all of my muscles at the same time and hold them tight and then release. This tires out the body in a comforting way. You don’t even have to get out of bed for this. Just lay down, tense, release, & repeat till you feel like you’re finally sleepy. A huge part of not being able to sleep is restlessness and being uncomfortable. So this step is crucial if you feel that way.

4. Temperature

Some like it hot, some like it cold. Where I live it feels like I am sleeping in a sauna so it is a must for me to sleep with cold air blowing on me. If you have air conditioning, you are blessed and I am jealous. If you don’t you can always do it my way, which is by turning the ceiling fan onto full blast as well as any house fans you may possess. If you don’t have either of those things there is also the window option. Open up every window so that any breeze that comes along blows right in and cools you down.

What Not To Do:

1.Don’t go into the blue light!

Have you noticed that most social media sites have the color blue incorporated into their theme or logo? That’s a mind trick to make you stay awake in order to keep using their sites. The color blue is also found in the lighting of some cable boxes and other electronics as well. Blue is the stay awake color and you must avoid it if you are trying to sleep. I know it’s hard and I too am guilty of this, clearly. But if you avoid the blue sleep will come easy to you!

2.Don’t get into bed feeling yucky.

Wash your face. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Change your clothes. Do whatever you need to do to feel clean and comfy. I know that there have been plenty of times when I couldn’t sleep because, I too, felt yucky. But after solving that issue it is so much easier to sleep. When you’re clean you feel comfier, you can’t deny it! And comfort is a stepping stone to sweet dreams.

3.Don’t think about the bad stuff.

I know that there are so many people that go sleepless or nearly so because they overthink all night long instead of getting their much needed rest. Sometimes life gets really tough and your problems run through your mind endlessly. But staying up and drowning yourself in negative thoughts is not going to make your situation any better. I promise. A good night’s sleep can bring so much perspective and serenity to your life and it is truly essential for your well being. Just sleep on it, and who knows what the morning will bring?!

I really hope that this was helpful to some of you. I know that this isn’t my usual beauty or style post but it is really important. Thank you all so much for reading. If any of you have any other ideas how to get a good night’s sleep, leave them in the comment section!

I’m going to sleep!


                  Natalie Rose                  xoxo

link to sleeping spray:


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