September Beauty Favorites

 Hello my lovelies!

As its the end of the month/start of the new one is nearing, it is only appropriate that I do a monthly favorites post! This month I had 6 total beauty related favorites and I cannot wait to share them with you!

The first of my favorites is the Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. To be honest with you all, I did just purchase this earlier this week. However, this product has already proven itself! My skin has been acting insane this month. It went from an extremely painful breakout to skin so dry I looked like a zombie. This product has drenched my skin in moisture and it feels so lovely. It was only five dollars but it works better than a lot of higher end moisturizers.

 The next product that I’ve been in love with this month is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in blonde. I know I already did a full post on this product, but I just had to mention it in my favorites. I am never going to use another eyebrow product ever again in my life. I’m obsessed. If you’re looking for an easyily applicable brow product that will look flawless every time, this is the product for you!

And yes, I am talking about this again. You’re all probably annoyed. But I just cannot get enough of the ABH world traveler shadow couture palette. It’s just a stunning every day palette that I can’t stop using. I’ve also loved paring some of the shades such as Morocco with the shade Half-baked from the Naked palette by Urban Decay. I think these could be great companion palettes. I’ve also used this palette in my past two makeup looks so be sure to check out those posts to see this palette in action! I highly recommend this palette to every one.

The next one is a fall candle. I smelled this and I literally fell in love. This is Pure Vanilla Joy by Glade. I was pleasantly surprised by the range that Glade had to offer. So many of their other candles smelled amazing as well, but I just chose to pick up one. I’m a big fan of deliciously sweet scents, and I know a lot of people don’t agree with me on that. But this candle just smells like vanilla cake coming out of the oven. Mmmm. It’s just amazing. If you love sweet scents this is for you.

Throughout September, the lip shade Moxie by Bare Minerals, has been my go-to, easy, every day lip stick. I only have this in the deluxe sample size and I need to pick up the full size before it runs out. It’s just the perfect day-to-day pink shade with a little bit of sheen to add a little something to your look. I really recommend this.

The last favorite for the month of September is the Sephora Powder Brush. This brush is so soft that I could just rub it all over my face. All day. Forever. Is that weird? Ok let’s move on. This brush is perfect for doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.  I love applying my setting powder with this brush because every time it picks up the perfect amount from the pan. With this brush, my powder is distributed so precisely that I never look cakey. I got this as a part of a brush roll for my birthday from my sister. So Thankyou Nicole. This is a really high quality brush and I highly suggest checking it out!

So that was my monthly favorites. Thank you all so much for reading. Make sure to take a look at the side bar to find all the ways to interact with me and more!


Natalie Rose          Xoxo

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