Fashion Wish List | Must Have Pieces for Fall

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you are all having a great fall so far! It is still burning hot here in Southern California and I am desperately longing for some cold,rainy days. Because of this continuous heat wave, I have been unable to start dressing for fall. This makes me very sad because, in my opinion, fall/autumn is the best season for dressing stylish and really getting creative with your looks. Fall fashion consists of layers, texture, warm colors/fabrics, coats, boots, and all things cozy! Furthermore, because I am unable to dress for fall, I thought I’d share with you my fall fashion wish list! I hope you enjoy!

1.Adam Lippes for Target:

Shearling Drawstring Crossbody Bucket Bag


I am absolutely living for this bag. I am not usually attracted to brown leather, but this bag is a game changer. I am also in love with the shearling and the tassel as well! This is a bucket bag so it would be perfect for an everyday bag! This is from the Adam Lippes for Target range. This collection is actually so impressive. It is more than just plaid as the commercials would not lead you to believe. I love the texture play of this bag and it is something I definitely want in my fall wardrobe.


Ankle Boots


This style of boots is huge right now. I think they are so flattering on everyone who wears them. I also love that they are all black AND more than one texture. I really brings an interesting flare to such a simple style of boots. I think these boots would go with everything. They could look very minimalistic and chic with some distressed jeans or look quite playful with an Alexa Chung inspired button front skirt. I am all about these. They are definitely as fall staple for me.

3.Urban Outfitters, ASOS



This first flannel is from Urban Outfitters. Its called the BDG Louie Flannel Shirt. Its white and muted light grey. I’ve been referring to this piece as the icy flannel because of the color scheme. It’s just very crisp and unique compared to the classic red, blue, and green flannels we always see. This is such a versatile color for a flannel because you can layer it with so many different outfits.


The second flannel is from ASOS by Noisy May. Its called the Erik Check Boyfriend Shirt. I am drawn to this flannel for a handful of reasons. The first being the cut. It is a long line flannel shirt. it is a relaxed, boyfriend, grungy cut and it makes for a great layering piece. This top allows so many options for styling. It can be worn as a shirt dress with over the knee socks or tights. It can be worn with ripped/distressed denim like in the photo from the ASOS website. It can be made very classy as well by buttoning it up all the way to the top and adding an intricate statement necklace and a minimalist skirt. I appreciate the classical flannel colors of the piece. The burgundy/dark red is perfect for fall. I also love the check print. It is in the buffalo check style which is a bit larger and more bold. It adds a hint of drama in the most nonchalant way. This is definitely a fall must have.

4.Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, ASOS

Duster Coats/Vests


This first coat is from Nasty Gal and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is called the

Nightwalker Batallion Sherpa Duster Coat.

 I love the leather and shearling combination. Like I said, fall is all about different texture combinations. This is such a beautifully constructed coat. This could be worn from fall well into winter as well. Since the color palette is neutral it can be styled with so many different pieces. This coat would make any look ten times cooler (and warmer). This coat is pricy, but this is a wish list. Let me wish.


This second piece is a duster vest from Urban Outfitters. It is called the

New Moon Vest by The Fifth Label.

These duster vests are so unique and surprisingly flattering. They are the epitome off fall layering. You can wear these over a jumper, shirt, or a flannel. It can be styled with jeans for a casual look or with a bodycon dress for more of a statement. YouTuber, Evelina Barry, just did a fall styling video where she put together a beautiful outfit with a duster vest. I will link her video at the bottom so you too can be inspired by how she layers for fall! This vest gives off a masculine vibe but can be styled with more feminine pieces to create an outfit full of interest.


This last coat is more of an elongated trench, however, I still feel that it fits into the duster coat category of this wish list. This one is from ASOS and it is by the brand Monki. It is called the Lightweight Trench Coat. This coat is perfect for fall in Southern California. Because it is light weight you can wear it alone on a warmer day or really layer up underneath on a chillier one. I would layer a button up top with a peter pan collar under a jumper with this coat on top. This coat is so versatile that no matter how your layer up underneath, this coat will always pull the look together. This piece could be styled classic or grunge and still look amazing. THIS is totally the staple coat of the season.

5. ASOS, H&M, Urban Outfitters

Hats & Scarves


This is a black floppy hat from ASOS. It is from their own brand range and it is called the Skinny Band Felt Floppy Hat. This hat is a style essential no matter what season. But in fall, not only will it keep your head warm, but your look stylish as well. I find that wearing hats like this seem much more put together and stylish than shoving an old beanie on your head. The floppiness of the brim creates sort of a romantic effect because your face is slightly hidden. I love that this is all black because that means you can wear it with anything and everything. The skinny band creates an interesting/ eye-catching detail as well. This is another fall/life style staple.


This checked scarf is from H&M and it is just called the

Checked Scarf.

I love the monochrome color scheme and the fringe at the bottom. This checked print will add interest to the outfit and keep you cozy simultaneously. This scarf is a bargain coming in at around twelve dollars. This is definitely a fall essential for everyone’s wardrobe.


The last item of the category and of my fall fashion wish list is this hat from Urban Outfitters. It is by Ecote and it is called the

Scout Panama Hat.

This style of hat is my all time favorite. This hat is perfect for fall because of the warmth, edge, and interest it provides for an outfit. The hat is all black so you can wear it to spice up any fall look. The brim of this had is wider than a fedora which I find much more flattering. It slims the face and creates dimension. This is an accessory that everyone needs to own. I do own an olive green version of this hat but I NEED this black one as well.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post and seeing the items/pieces that I want to add to my wardrobe this fall. Maybe this inspired you, if it didn’t that’s alright too.I will be linking all of these products below so you can go find them and maybe add them to your fall wardrobe. If anyone has any specific post suggestions that they want me to do, let me know in the comments! Also, check the sidebar to connect with me and more! Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful day!


Natalie Rose                                 xoxo


Adam Lippes for Target Bag:

ASOS Boots:

Urban Outfitters Flannel:

ASOS Flannel:

Nasty Gal Duster Coat:

UO Duster Vest:

ASOS Monki Coat:


H&M Scarf:

UO Panama Hat:


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