Que Bella Beauty Collab: Limited Edition Mask Review

  Hello my lovelies!

I am so excited for this post! I am teaming up with my favorite face mask curators, Que Bella Beauty! I have put a lot of time and effort into this to make it perfect! Today I will be sharing with you my experience with Que Bella’s limited edition face masks. They were kind enough to send me their winter duos all the way from the UK. I want to reassure you that I would not team up with a company I do not fully support. I truly love Que Bella and their beautiful, natural, amazing masks! I took a little over a week to test out all the masks they sent me. I tried them, logged my initial response and my final response after 24 hours. I felt this was the best way to share with you all how these masks truly work! I really hope you all enjoy this post. So let’s get started!


The first mask I tried out was the Purifying tea tree and witch hazel mask! I have previously done a review on this and I am so happy to have tried it again. Tea tree and witch hazel are both natural combatants of acne and redness which is great for my crazy combination skin type. My first thoughts were about the packaging. I know, that is not important. But for these limited edition duos each girl on the packaging has an adorable winter scarf and I am loving it. Now for my initial response on the purifying mask it’s self: It was a classic grey/white toned mask. Its easy to apply using either your fingers or a standard foundation brush. A little goes a very long way which is great because it means the masks can be used multiple times! This mask felt tingly and cool on my skin. It dries hard and made my face feel quite tight. After washing it off with warm water, I noticed that it had drawn out the impurities in my skin and also made my pores look smaller. After 24 hours, I noticed that it had brought deep impurities to the surface or to head which is lovely. It deeply purifies your pores and makes them look itty bitty! I also noticed that the redness my face usually suffers from had subsided immensely. 


The second mask I tried out was the Toning Blueberry Peel Off mask. This mask comes out clear and has the most delicious scent! No you cannot eat this mask. This mask felt super refreshing on my skin whilst wearing it. It dried clear and patent on my face which was silly to look at. But what face mask isn’t silly to look at? My initial response to this mask wasn’t particularly incredible. However, my skin did feel fresh and my acne had calmed a bit as well. Maybe this wasn’t an extravagant result but I still believe this to be a good product. And who knows, it could have amazing results on someone with a different skin type than me. We are all so different. In 24 hours the results were pretty much the same as my initial response which isn’t a bad thing at all.


The third mask I used was their Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask. This was my favorite mask to use. It had the iconic blue/green face mask color that we all love. It was very tingly and felt like it was really doing some work on my face! My initial response to this mask was that it’s a great pick-me-up mask. It makes your skin feel bright, fresh, and super clean! 24 hours passed and my skin was still looking fresh! I had little to no redness and my skin felt smooth and poreless. What more can you ask for?


The next mask I used was the Reviving Pink Grapefruit Peel Off mask. Again, this mask was clear and smelled incredible! It was cool and refreshing and bright and glossy! The peel off masks are super fun and easy because you don’t have to wash them off. You literally just peel it off and there’s something so satisfying about it. Just try it and you’ll understand. After 24 hours, my skin was feeling a bit more alive. Winter tends to dull it and this combatted that quite well. 


The final mask in used was the Smoothing Orange Blossom Mud Mask. I love mud masks over all other types of masks. This one was a white/cream color. It felt really creamy and nice on my skin. It didn’t have much sensation whilst wearying it but the results after are what’s key. My initial response was that I was so impressed with its power to smooth impurities on my skin. Also my skin felt very soft and clean! After 24 hours I was still happy with the smooth appearance of my skin. No more bumpy face from annoying acne! 

Que Bella did send me one more mask, which was their Clarifying mask. Unfortunately, it exploded on its trip across the pond and the entire United States. However, I have done a review on this mask before! Here is a link to go check it out if you are interested: 


Collaborating with Que Bella Beauty is such an honor and I would just like to thank them (Jess especially) for this opportunity and for reaching out to me via Twitter and email. 

Make sure to check out their masks! I buy mine at Target. Not only are they great quality but they are also natural and super inexpensive. 

Thank you all so very much for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this collab and what you want to see form me next! Be sure to check the side bar for all my social media links! Be my friend everywhere! I hope you have a beautiful day!

    Natalie Rose    xoxo
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