Fashion Wish List | Valentine’s Day Edition

Hello my lovelies! It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but now I’m back and ready to share some great content with you all. I’ve compiled a list of clothing, shoes, and accessories that I think would perfect for Valentine’s Day. I’m so excited to share everything with you and hopefully spark some ideas for your own V-Day looks!

The Classic route to take on Valentine’s Day is to wear a dress. Whether it be flowy or bodycon, you’ll be a stunner. I know that some people tend to stay away from dresses because they feel that they are too fussy and uncomfortable to deal with, however, I have made a point to only include dresses that I know would be comfortable. Here are some of the dresses I’ve had my eye on lately:

  1. Casual Tee Shirt Dress  I love how easy and simple this dress is while still being romantic at the same time. It’s comfort factor doesn’t diminish its style factor in any way. The blush color of this dress makes the usually grungy silhouette look very sweet and minimalistic. I think that this would be the perfect dress for a romantic picnic or a movie date or anything more on the chilled side. (Forever 21)
  2. Kawaii Casual Image 1 of Sister Jane Sun Line Shift Dress With Collar Detail This is another great casual dress with a cute kawaii twist. The collar and the tie detailing around it creates that preppy Japanese feel, while the cut of the dress brings a very 60’s vibe to the table. In this dress you will be comfy and cute and not have to worry about anything at all. (ASOS)                    
  3. The perfect sadgirl-grunge dress  Yes, this is another casual dress. But it is so cute and alternative. The cut of this dress is so flattering and the sad face heart is just too grunge, too perfect, to pass up. The colors are perfect for V-day, and once again, you will be comfortable in this dress. This is one of my favorites out of the whole entire wishlist and I highly recommend checking out this entire shop. (   
  4. The lace up bodycon dress  This dress is perfect for a romantic date night or a night out with the girls too. The curved lace up detailing on the back of the dress is so figure flattering because it really guides the eyes along the curves of the body. The midi length makes this dress so much more sophisticated. Also, this color looks so good on so many skin tones and hair colors because it is a neutral shade. Whoever rocks this dress will be comfortable as well because of the jersey-like material it is made out of. (Forever 21)
  5. And of course, the Lace Dress Contemporary Floral Crochet Midi Dress What’s Valentine’s Day without a little lace? I have been seeing dresses like this all over Pinterest and I am so happy to have found one. This dress comes in both black and maroon however I prefer this one. I has a very classy feel to it. It is a piece that could dressed up or down with the right accessories. I feel like this dress could be worn out on anything from a beach date to a nice dinner and anywhere in between. Its all about how you style it. (Forever 21)

There are a few tops I would like to share with you because separates are always an option!

1.Collared ShirtI am in love with this top. The rose detailing on the collar is beautiful. This is a perfect top for V-Day because its so romantic and classic. It could be styled however you want it really because it is such a versatile piece. This is my favorite top in this wish list! (Forever 21)

2. For the girl who doesn’t need a valentine  This graphic tee is perfect for anyone trying to ward off creepy valentines offers. Its funny and quirky and perfect for the girl who thinks the whole holiday is overrated. (Valfre)

3.A tee for the romantic This is a very plain and simple tee with embroidery. The XO is classic and cute and perfect for a simple girl who doesn’t want to bother getting dressed up. The ringer tee style of this top is also super cute which just enhances the top even more so. (Urban Outfitters)

Bottoms are up next!

1.Edgy Valentine I think that leather leggings are a great statement piece to wear on V-Day. They are hot, edgy, and if styled wisely could even look romantic. I wanted to include these because how often do you get to wear something like this? V-day is the perfect time to go a little over top and be the hottest YOU, possible. (Topshop)

2.The Pencil Skirt The pencil skirt is such a versatile piece to begin with. The possibilities for styling it on Valentine’s Day are endless! It can be worn super casual with a tee or it could be worn with a nice blouse and some heels to go from day to night. Its the perfect piece if you’re planning on having an all day V-day adventure. (Forever 21)

3. Adult Ballerina Image 1 of Little Mistress Midi Tulle SkirtWhile blue is an unconventional Valentine’s Day color, the icy sweetness of this tulle skirt gives it a little leeway and makes it appropriate for the holiday. People shouldn’t be constrained by a color scheme anyways. This skirt is so fun a playful and just like the other bottoms mentioned it can be both dressed up and down. This piece will catch eyes in the best way possible. (ASOS)                                                    

Now I’m going to share with you some super cute shoes I thought would be great not only for V-day but year round!

1.Pink Velvet *heart eyes* Image 1 of ASOS MAGIC Velvet BroguesThese are my dream shoes. I love these so much. They are so adorable and quirky and perfect for V-day. These are hands down my favorite shoes on this list. (ASOS)

2.Cute Clogs These clogs are so adorable. They’ll add a pinch of sweetness to any outfit which is perfect for V-Day. The heel isn’t too high and there is a platform so they should be quite comfortable! I am really loving these. (Urban Outfitters)

3.The Perfect Heels Image 1 of ASOS PASTIME Lace Up HeelsThese are the perfect heels to dress up your V-Day look. They are romantic, stylish, and sexy all at the same time. They are very sophisticated and intricate in design and the lace up detail is beautiful. These also come in white if black isn’t your cup of tea. (ASOS)


1.Pink furry phone case! (Amazon)                                                               

2.Bold & Festive Headband 

(Forever 21)                                                 

3.Cute Tote (Forever 21)                                             

4. Get them a card! 

(Urban Outfitters)            

That’s all I have to share with you today! I hope that you all enjoyed this little wish list post. Hopefully it can inspire your V-day look. Let me know in the comments what was your favorite piece on this list. And be sure to check out all of my social medias in the sidebar. Thank you all so very much for reading. It means a lot to me. I hope you have beautiful day and a lovely Valentine’s Day! MUAH.



Natalie Rose                             xoxo








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