Kathleen Lights | Where The Night Is x Colour Pop 

Hello everybody!These are Kathleen Lights’ newest super shock shadow collaboration with Colour Pop Cosmetics. I’ve had this set for a few weeks now and I’m in love (hence the grubby appearance of the pots).  I love Kathleenlights so much and she did not disappoint with this set. I’m so happy for all of her success! If you didn’t know, Colour Pop’s super shock shadows are cream eye shadows and are extremely pigmented. They are great quality for an even better price. A single eyeshadow from Colour Pop cost $5 and their collaboration sets are $20. I highly recommend these eyeshadows (they have matte shades as well). Colors featured from bottom to top are: 

-porter: deep red/purple shimmer shade

-weenie: rose gold metallic shade

-telepathy:super metallic yellow/green shade

-midnight: green/black shimmer shade

I really do hope that you guys go check out this set or even Kathleen in general. She makes amazing beauty videos and she’s hilarious. I’ll leave her link and the link to Where The Night Is down below(: Watch her release and swatch video here!

Thank you all so much for reading and hopefully we’ll be seeing each other again soon! 

           Natalie Rose       Xoxo
Where the night is: 


Kathleen’s Channel:


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