Drugstore Trials

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Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a beautiful day! Today I wanted to share some products I picked up from Target that I’d never used and wanted to try out. I loved two of these things and absolutely hated the other. I hope my opinions on these products can help you in some way and I hope you enjoy this post.

The first product I want to talk about is the one I hate. Best get the bad vibes out of the way first. The NYC Smooth Skin loose face powder is well, for lack of a better word, garbage. Its supposed to be a loose translucent powder for setting your face and instead it makes your face a cakey, giant pored monster. This is absolutely without a doubt the worst powder I have ever used. I highly advise others not to purchase it. Not only is the formula terrible but the packaging is as well. Its a plastic container and every time you open it, powder flies everywhere. Also, don’t even attempt using the sponge that comes with it. Its so scratchy and literally picks up nothing. Its useless. I was not impressed at all by this product and I will not be using it in the future.

Now on to the products I loooooove!

The first product I’m loving is the Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer in the shade Ticket to Brazil. This bronzer is so pigmented and warms up my face so nicely. I feel like I have such a healthy glow when I’m wearing this. I apply it along my cheekbones, my forehead, the sides of my nose, my chin, and neck. Its a slightly warmer toned blush with a tiny bit of shimmer. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea and usually isn’t mine either, but this bronzer is an exception. This bronzer also has SPF 15, so while you’re faking your tan, you also get additional sun protection which is always a plus! This was so inexpensive. I believe it was around three dollars at Target. I think everyone should give this a try.

The second and final product I’m loving is the Que Bella Beauty Professional Repairing Charcoal Mud Mask. This is a holy grail mask now. Its so inexpensive yet so powerful! I can actually feel my pores getting cleared when I apply this mask. It feels so tingly and amazing, I love it. I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin since applying this mask 3 times. I also used this mask to spot treat any big problem spots I had going on and it totally calmed my skin (reduced redness and pain). Also, I believe that the professional masks by Que Bella are a bit larger than the ones in their normal range which is amazing because you can get so many uses out of one packet. I love Que Bella and they are a brand I will always support. They use natural ingredients to create great masks to give you even greater skin. I highly recommend checking them out, especially their new professional range. I know I’m going to get a hold of the rest of the collection as soon as I can!

That’s all for the drugstore products I’ve tried this time around. If you like posts like this please let me know in the comments and also let me know which products you’d like me to try before you buy!

Just a side note: I’m so grateful for every single person that takes the time to read my blog. It means the world to me. I am going to be stepping up my game and coming out with fun and beautiful content very soon! Thank you so much everyone.


Natalie Rose      xoxo





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