Fall OOTD NO. 1

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Hello my lovelies!

Since its October, it is time for my first Fall Outfit of the Day. However, I live in Southern California and its 80 degrees outside so this is not exactly the coziest look. I still incorporated fuzzy thigh-highs and played with a more muted autumnal color scheme to justify this as a fall look. I have never done a post quite like this. So let me know in the comments what you thought and if I should do this again. Let’s get started! (I’ll link what I can down below).


The base piece that pulls this whole outfit together is the navy overall dress. I love this piece because it is so simple and can be paired with so many different tops for many occasions. It is an extremely versatile piece that I am in love with. I love all things quirky and that’s exactly what this dress screams. It has a very sixties feel with the cut of the garment and the big pockets in the front as well. But it also incorporates that 90’s look that we all love because of the overall straps. I picked this dress from Forever 21. It is actually made quite a bit better than I thought it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this piece. I will be linking this, or something similar, down below!


Like I said, I added super cozy thigh-high socks from Forever 21 to make the look a bit more fall appropriate. I also wanted to play around with the school girl style which theses socks are perfect for. These socks are extremely warm so I will be wearing these well throughout fall and winter this year. The link will be below.


I paired these loafer flatforms with the look for an edgy school girl vibe. I have mentioned these in a favorites post months ago and I am still loving them! I love the tassle detailing on the front. To me these shoes are very London inspired.  I love the hight it gives me and the weird punk/classiness it brings to this ensemble. I’m not sure if Forever 21 still carries these. However I will try to link them or something similar down below.


I decided to wrap this giant  Levis denim jacket around my waist. I feel like this makes the look a little more grungy but later on I can also throw on the jacket and be warm! (sorry for my awkwardness in this photo).


The striped monochrome tee-shirt is from H&M. I love pieces like this because they are so great for layering. And layering is what fall fashion is all about!


And lastly, Max thought he deserved some shots too. So here he is looking fabulous and ready for fall.

Thank you all so much for reading. Let me know what you thought of this post and if you’d want me to do another one any time soon. I hope you all have a beautiful day!


          Natalie Rose                               xoxo


overall dress: (this item is no longer in stock but here are some other cute ones that are similar)






shoes: (not in stock, but similar)



striped tee: (not in stock, but similar)




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